Friday, July 15, 2011

I saw Deathly Hallows yesterday afternoon.


remember last post when I said I’d probably cry?
I did. Harder and longer than any time in my entire life. For a good 40 minutes.


Bawling my eyes out. Oh god. The best part?
I have to watch this again tomorrow ;____;

Snape’s death, Hagrid carrying Harry, and the epilogue just did it for me.

when the movie ended I was sobbing. And I mean, hard, desperate sobs. While everyone else was leaving.

Have you seen it yet? leave me a comment. what did you think?

love, -m


  1. I also sobbed. Snape's death, Snape's memories, and when the Potters, Remus and Sirius are with Harry. Ahhh!!! It was amazing. Totally silent theatre, full of sniffly noses.

  2. I was crying too, my friend was laughing at me!
    I loved the atmosphere in the cinema, everyone laughed, cried, cheered and sobbed together. Was truly amazing. I'm going again soon, can't get enough.

  3. @barmybex
    The cinema I went to did, too. Everyone clapped when Voldy died and when R/Hr kissed, and every moment like so. OH! Also when it ended. And we did do "Mischief Managed" ;) Ah, I love my town xD But I think my friend and I cried the hardest, yet, my other friend didn't cry at all. And I'm going tomorrow again, which is lovely, but it's gonna be another sob fest.