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Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

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Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)

Obviously, something went terribly wrong. Genetic mutations have festered, reducing human longevity to twenty-five, even less for most women. To prevent extinction, young girls are kidnapped, mated in polygamous marriages with men eager to procreate. Sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery, a recent victim of this breeding farm mentality, has vowed to break loose from its fetters; but finding allies and a safe way out is a challenge she can only hope she will survive. A dystopian fantasy series starter with wings. Editor's recommendation.

Wither is definitely a unique book. Amazing, thrilling, and enticing, it is definitely one of the best books I’ve read all summer.

The novel starts out with Rhine, a sixteen year old girl that lives in Dystopian Manhattan with her twin brother, Rowan. In this society, women die at the young age of 20 and men die at 25. What is usually resorted to is polygamist marriages, so the human race doesn’t die out.

I found this society particularly intriguing because, like many dystopian novels, it presents a situation we might find ourselves in in the future. The society, the characters, the plot was just excellent, thoroughly enjoyable.

Rhine was a very strong main character, which is fantastic. Her support system was always Rowan, and she has to grow to not only detach from that, but to never lose hope that she will break out of the Ashby’s mansion and that she will get her brother back.

The love triangle is predictable, because most books do have them nowadays. It also makes sense, because we have Gabriel, who cares about Rhine and understands her, and we have Linden, the blissfully ignorant husband who has no idea what really goes on in the world.

I will take a moment to talk about Housemaster Vaughn. He is a particularly interesting character because no one knows what he really is up to. He could be good and bad, and antagonists like him are always excellent to read about.

Beautifully done. I really hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!


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