Welcome to Teen Nation Books. I'm really glad you're here and I hope you enjoy my posts. I don't tend to take myself too seriously, so you shouldn't, neither.

My name is Maria, I am seventeen years old, a high school student, and my birthday is August 16th. 

I tend to find humor in the strangest of places, and I absolutely love making people laugh. My headquarters are in Puerto Rico, a lovely Caribbean island. 

I started this blog because ever since I was young, I loved to read books and one day I discovered the majestic book blogosphere, and I thought to myself, Well, since you enjoy other people's blogs so much, why not start one of your own? And thus, TNB was born. 

I'm really grateful for all of my followers, and I also really appreciate those of you who spent the time clicking on over to this blog.

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The blog mainly focuses on YA Lit, but occasionally a middle grade book will be reviewed. For more information, please visit the Policies tab.