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I am so honored you checked out my blog! A million thank you's!
I am open but not limited to requests for reviews from authors, publishers, etc.. I mainly search for books in the YA lit genre, though I am also flexible onto independent reader books. If you are interested in getting buzz about your book, you can email me at teennationbooks@gmail.com

If I am interested in reading your book, then I will contact you back with my physical address. I do not guarantee a review, though I will most likely read it. I also do not accept self-published books.   

Please consult the sidebars, as this numbers are ever-changing and ever-growing.

Guest Posts/Interviews:
I am willing to do either. If you would like to do one, you can email me at teennationbooks@gmail.com and we'll go over the subjects and topics discussed on the post.

If you would like for your blog to be featured on mine, put on a link sidebar, etc. send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you have buttons, even better! A new button section is in the works, so send me your button and I'll send you mine!

Press Releases:
If you don't want a book review, or I cannot do so for a reason, Press Releases and Promotions can be released about the book instead. If you want to publicize your book on this blog, please contact me. 

Before copying any of my work, be sure to obtain my permission first, as I work hard to write each post. 

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at teennationbooks@gmail.com


I promise not to give out or sell your personal info. I can't guarantee your information will not be seen if left in the comments, which is why I suggest you leaving an anonymous comment if you don't feel comfortable with any blogger taking your email address. This is why I please ask you not to leave any personal info or email in the comments. 

If you are under 13 and win a contest, your parents need to okay before I can send the prize to you. Any questions can be submitted to teennationbooks@gmail.com

For contests, I use Google Forms so no one has to leave personal information in the comments. It's a more secure way to host a contest, which is why almost everyone is now using this method. 


Maria Rodz @ Teen Nation Books.